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I'm Jessica Levey, a freelance content writer, artist, and editor based in Washington, DC, and Seattle, WA. I work with clients all over the country on a variety of creative projects.

Content Writing

Engaging online content for small businesses, news organizations, non-profits, and individuals, with a focus on growing a community through SEO best practices, accuracy, and creativity.  I also write fiction, old-school zines, and educational comics.



Custom illustrations for blog articles, online publications, children's books, and zines. I'll work with you to develop your characters, storyboard your ideas, and bring your concept to life! I also draw fun mini-comics, zines, and picture books of my own, which you can check out here.


Substantive Editing & Copy Editing

Editing services for book manuscripts (nonfiction and fiction), online publications and blog content, personal essays, and more. I can help with clarity, flow, fact-checking, organization, and accuracy. 

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