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I'm Jessica Levey, a writer, artist, and editor. (I'm also a part-time mermaid, shortbread enthusiast, and fledgling forest-whisperer.) 

I create fantastical worlds of fiction, illustration and watercolor, written content for businesses, and stop-motion and 2D animation for art, music videos, and book trailers. I organize writing and reading events for poets and authors around the city, and work with other writers through a variety of coaching and editing services. 

Exciting News!

The Quiet Realm Jessica Levey YA Fantasy

The Quiet Realm, Second Edition!


To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of the YA fantasy series The Quiet Realm, Book OneOf Love, Dreams, and Death-Doors, we've issued a shiny new second edition with an expanded scene... more magic, more mystery, more teasers for Book Two!


This volume is now available as an ebook on various platforms, including Kindle and Nook. 

Booksellers, schools, and libraries can order copies through IngramSpark. 

Reviews from readers:

"...this first book is a terrific example of what she does best: such great world building, terrific magic, scary stuff done just right, romance done well and not gooey-fake, sweet friendships, engaging from beginning to end! (LyP, Amazon reviewer) 


"Such a good sense of place and mood...This story about courage, love, loss and magic takes you on quite a journey to an exciting and sometimes scary metaphysical landscape..."  (Jill W, Amazon reviewer)

"Jessica Levey definitely has a knack for imagery...Though it had a classic “chosen one” type of start, the concept of this book was unique and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed the directions I was taken in, I never knew what to expect. I couldn’t stop reading because I needed to know what happened next..." (Vega, Goodreads reviewer)

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