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Books, Zines, & Mini-Comics

I write and illustrate books, mini-comics, and zines... Here are some recent publications! 

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Bella Likes to Try

Written by Mary Lou Sanelli

Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Published by Chatwin Books


From the publisher: "Bella’s mom encouraged her to try many different things… and Bella did! Mary Lou Sanelli is an author, speaker, and dance teacher who has published seven collections of poetry and three works of non-fiction. Honorariums include an Artist Trust GAP Award, Poetry on the Buses, A Jack Straw Writers Award, A Seattle Bumbershoot Festival Book Award, and a GoodReads Notable Book Award. She is a regular columnist for Art Access magazine, City Living, Lilipoh magazine, the Queen Anne / Magnolia News, and she contributes to Dance Teacher magazine, the Seattle Times, and National Public Radio. Bella Likes to Try is her first children’s book."

Children's book with dance-terms glossary, 39 pages, perfect bound (8" x 8")

Image from upcoming publication, Bella (for Mary Lou).JPG

Handfasting, From Ancient Rituals to Modern Ceremonies

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Published by American Marriage Ministries (AMM)


From the publisher: "Explore the origins of ancient Paganism and learn how to incorporate the magic of handfasting into your own wedding or commitment ceremony. This deep dive into one of the most exciting trends in weddings is inspired by love stories that reach far back into the misty origins of human history, when Druids and Priestesses dispensed esoteric wisdom, cast powerful spells, and magic and nature were one-and-the-same.


Written and illustrated by AMM’s own Jessica Levey, this book is full of whimsical illustrations, and carefully researched and crafted stories and imagery that are your ticket to your own adventure."

Pagan wedding planning guide, 107 pages, perfect bound (8.5" x 5.5")


The Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies

Written by American Marriage Ministries 

Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Published by American Marriage Ministries (AMM)


From the publisher: "Why sift through thousands of online ceremony scripts when you can hold the best ones right in your own hands? The Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies embraces the ceremony script as the blueprint for everything else that happens on the big day. Your choice of words and actions are so much more important than you could possibly imagine, and this book ensures that those words, movements, and intentions are all perfectly scripted and executed on the big day!

Written after thousands of hours of research and real-world practice, these scripts are the real deal! They have proven their effectiveness over and over again, and now, whether you are a couple exploring your vows, or an officiant seeking inspiration, this book is a must have.

Laid out in an easy to browse format, The Book of Wedding Vows and Ceremonies is a joy to read and use for every wedding occasion.

Wedding vows/ planning guide, 232 pages, perfect bound (9" x 6")


A Sudden Misunderstanding Survival Guide

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Do you love someone who always says things the wrong way? Ever suffered the escalation, embarrassment, regret, and other misfortunes of a Sudden Misunderstanding? Great! This guide's for you! 

This mini-zine contains six vital tips for surviving a sudden misunderstanding and navigating the mine-field of interpersonal communication, delivered in fun illustrated form.


Fold-out poster included! 

Mini-comic, one sheet glossy, accordion fold (4.5" x 5.5")

A Sudden Misunderstanding Survival Guide
A Sudden Misunderstanding Survival Guide

Do Nice Things
Without Getting Caught

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Feeling angry, bored, useless, or blue? Salty or snappy? Like the world has it out for you? 

Here's what to do! Become a Secret Agent of good... Check off each sneaky kindness from this simple list for a satisfyingly mischievous attitude shift.

This wholesome & heartfelt comic is a great gift for a friend who can't seem to shake off the blues, or anyone feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders (including YOU!).

Mini-comic, one sheet glossy, cut & folded (4.5" x 5.5")


How to Cure a Migraine

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Do you or someone you love suffer from MIGRAINES? You're not alone, 800 million people succumb to these soul-crushing symptoms each year. The struggle is real, but we have cures.*

Try one of these (funny) HOME REMEDIES, from exorcism to elixirs, eyeball massage to lightning 'therapy,' and voodoo to vampirism! *Results will vary but what else do you have to do? 

Mini-comic, one sheet glossy, cut & folded (4.5" x 5.5")


Now That You've Had a Hysterectomy
What Will You Do With All That Extra Space?

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey

Congratulations on your hysterectomy! 

As you heal and begin to adjust to and enjoy your new uterus-free life, it's important to think about what you'll do with all the EXTRA SPACE! Here are a few (funny) ideas...

This comic makes a great lighthearted & funny gift for someone who's just had (or will soon have) a hysterectomy.

Mini-comic, one sheet glossy, accordion fold (4.5" x 5.5")


Tiny Meditation For A Crowded Mind

Written & Illustrated by Jessica Levey


Is your head so full of doubt, fear, wild plans, and swirling clouds of crap, you wonder how it doesn't just explode? Hooray! 

Here's a Tiny Meditation for a Crowded Mind! This mini-zine contains six steps to help someone new to meditation (or experienced but in need of a reminder) learn to quiet their mind quickly in any setting... delivered in fun illustrated form. 

Fold out poster included!


Mini-comic, one sheet glossy, accordion fold (4.5" x 5.5") 

Tiny Meditation Zine Comic Jessica Levey

coming soon!

​The Quiet Realm
Book One: Of Love, Dreams, and Death-Doors

Written by Jessica Levey


In the Quiet Realm, death really is the stuff of dreams...

It had been an intense couple of weeks. Stella had left home, moved in with her best friend, and been ghosted by her first real boyfriend--all before the school year ended.


She was definitely looking for a fresh start the day she stepped inside the dusty old bookshop, it's just that inheriting a magical portal to the Afterlife wasn't quite what she had in mind.

Young Adult spec-fiction novel, Second Edition, 192 pages, perfect bound (9" x 6") 

The Quiet Realm Jessica Levey YA Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1072244219, Pages: 197

Reviews from readers:

"...this first book is a terrific example of what she does best: such great world building, terrific magic, scary stuff done just right, romance done well and not gooey-fake, sweet friendships, engaging from beginning to end! (LyP, Amazon reviewer) 


"Such a good sense of place and mood...This story about courage, love, loss and magic takes you on quite a journey to an exciting and sometimes scary metaphysical landscape..."  (Jill W, Amazon reviewer)

"Jessica Levey definitely has a knack for imagery...Though it had a classic “chosen one” type of start, the concept of this book was unique and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed the directions I was taken in, I never knew what to expect. I couldn’t stop reading because I needed to know what happened next..." (Vega, Goodreads reviewer)

These Eight

Written by Jessica Levey


A collection of poems on the nature of relationships, blended families, depression, overheard phone conversations, and the shifting complexities of sexuality.


This collection takes readers from the fast-moving passenger seat of an old truck to a clover-strewn spring field, to the heat and exhalation of a chance meeting in crowded bar, to the whispered isolation of a December morning. 


Originally published under the name El Levy. 


Poetry chapbook, 12 pages, (4.5" x 5.5") 

These Eight Jessica Levey Poetry Author

Excerpt from the poem "The Bones of Your Feet"

I'm ready for fall. 

To wrap myself away, 

In things that smell of soap, 

Fermented tea and mint. 

To let furrowed fields lay

While the skies grow stars

To mark our harvest. 

For leaves to cover 

The bones of your feet 

In their own faded spines.

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