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Copy Editing

I specialize in line editing, substantive editing, and proofreading.

I also love fact-checking. 

I'm familiar with both AP Style and Chicago Style guidelines, and provide copyediting services for online content, news articles, book manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction), essays, poetry, and other written projects. 

Standard Copyediting: $28/hour at approx. 1200 words/hour

Substantive Editing: $35/hour at approx. 1000 words/hour

*Contact me for a detailed estimate

Past Projects: Copy & Developmental Editing

Post - Rattle

Julia Donald, © 2016


Proofreading / Poetry


Halley's Promise

Brandon Bagley, © 2016


Manuscript editing / Historical Fiction



How to Make Money from Rural Land Property

Nicholas Maslaney, © 2016

Services: Line editing / Nonfiction



The Familiar Algorhythm [sic]

Meghan Trainor, c 2016

Services: Copy editing / Speculative essay, Academic


A Wedge in the Hedge

Judith Fawcett, c 2012


Developmental / Manuscript editing / Crime/Mystery

A Shank in the Bank

Judith Fawcett, c 2016

Services: Developmental / Manuscript editing /  Crime / Mystery /Pulp / Humor=

Madam Wanda Comes to Kenwood

Judith Fawcett, c 2013

Services: Developmental/ Manuscript editing / Crime/ Mystery, Pulp


The Human Niche

Thomas Coad, c 2016

Services: Copy editing /

Sociopolitical essays, Academic



C. L. Perry, c 2016

Services: Assessment/ Development / Manuscript editing / Fantasy 

Growing Up in Shelton, And Beyond

Charles Runacres, c 2013

Services: Ghost writing/ Developmental/ Manuscript editing / Memoir /Historical Non-fiction

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Thomas Coad, c 2017 

Services: Copy editing / 

Literary essay, Academic

Tristrategy Inc.: Global Management & Consulting and Tech Blog

Supervisor A. Green, c 2012-2015

Services: Line editing / Nonfiction Science, Tech, Global management strategy

Jite Agbro, c May 2016, Oct 2016, June 2017

Services: Line editing Portfolio


In the beginning... How I got started in editing

I took my first editing job in 2012, as a freelancer working with the (now re-branded) small press Third Place Press, helping local and emerging authors prime their pieces for the daunting world of self-publishing. I continued working with Third Place Press for years, and was thrilled to watch as it transitioned into the now thriving VertVolta Design + Press under the creative eye of long-time bookseller and designer Vladimir Verano.


Over time and with more professional experience, I began taking on independent clients and specializing in key areas of the editing process. In addition to new authors, I work with businesses and individuals to edit online portfolios and publications, news articles, essays, manuscripts, marketing materials, and technology and science writing designed for public audiences.

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