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Developmental editing and Line editing

I specialize in line editing, developmental (substantive) editing, and editorial assessment.

I also love fact-checking. 

This means I polish second or third (or tenth) drafts and get them ready to publish in print or online, or help get messy, early drafts or story outlines on track for future revision.  

Contact me here to request a quote or to set up a consultation. 

So, what kind of editing are you ready for?


Writing is a process, and so is editing!

Make sure you get the right type of editing for your needs.

Is your draft messy and new?

When an editor focuses on the big picture, including what your story is about, how it's structured (it's bones), and how your plot points and characters are developed by the narrative, that's called developmental editing, or substantive editing, and can be further broken down into editorial assessment and structural editing.

This type of work is my jam! 

Several Open Books

Is your draft in pretty good shape after a few passes?

When you've made one or two passes at your draft yourself, and you're confident that your story works on the page, you're probably ready for copy editing or line editing. These are slightly different roles, but this level of editing gets your draft polished for publishing, free of glaring grammar errors or misspellings, and flowing well from line to line. Copy editing focuses on mechanics and rules, line editing leans more in the direction of style and flow. I love this work, too! 

Is your draft pretty much ready to go, but you want to make sure it's perfect?

The last stages of editing include proofreading, fact-checking, index editing (for non-fiction and dense works), and formatting. These come after the heavy lifting of the early stages, when you're close to a final draft, and ensure your work really shines, looks professional and credible, and is accessible to a wide range of readers. I personally love (love!) fact-checking and proofreading, but do not specialize in indexing or formatting. 

In the beginning... How I got started in editing

I took my first editing job in 2012, as a freelancer working with the (now re-branded) small press Third Place Press, helping local and emerging authors prime their pieces for the daunting world of self-publishing. I continued working with Third Place Press for years, and was thrilled to watch as it transitioned into the now thriving VertVolta Design + Press under the creative eye of long-time bookseller and designer Vladimir Verano.


Over time and with more professional experience, I began taking on new clients independently and specializing in key areas of the editing process. In addition to new authors, I met and worked with business professionals polishing their online portfolios, entrepreneurs and educators publishing instructional manuals and self-help materials, and technology and science experts writing for public audiences.


But more and more, I noticed many of the manuscripts I found attached in emails weren't much farther along than first drafts, in need of substantial revision before they would be ready for the fine-tuning of a line editor. In consultations with new clients, I met writers struggling to put pen to page, or with outlines and false-starts to stories languishing in kitchen drawers. I realized this is where my passion lies... at this early stage of the process. The big picture work: development, structure, assessment, and coaching. Helping cobbled-together drafts and messy paragraphs find their cohesive, shining footing, and helping writers get motivated and working.


Fiction/Artistic Projects

"Post - Rattle"

Editing services provided: Proofreading

Collection of poems

Copyright 2016, Julia Donald 

Halley's Promise

Editing services provided: Copy editing

Full length manuscript, Novel: Historical Fiction

Copyright 2016, Brandon Bagley

Purchase here


Editing services provided: Assessment/Development

Full length manuscript, Novel: Fantasy

Draft copyright 2016, C. L. Perry

A Shank in the Bank

Editing services provided: Developmental/Line editing

Full length manuscript, Novel: Crime/Mystery, Pulp, Humor

Draft copyright 2016, Judith Fawcett

The Familiar Algorhythm [sic]

Editing services provided: Copy editing

Speculative essay, academic work 

Copyright 2016, Meghan Trainor

Read here 

Madam Wanda Comes to Kenwood

Editing services provided: Developmental/Copy editing

Full length manuscript, Novel: Crime/Mystery, Pulp

Copyright 2013, Judith Fawcett

Growing Up in Shelton, And Beyond

Editing services provided: Ghost writing/ Developmental/ Copy editing

Full length manuscript, Memoir, Historical Non-fiction

Copyright 2013, Charles Runacres


A Wedge in the Hedge

Editing services provided: Developmental/Line editing

Full length manuscript, Novel: Crime/Mystery

Copyright 2012, Judith Fawcett

(This list is not comprehensive.)

Non-Fiction/Technical Projects

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

Editing services provided: Copy editing

Literary essay, academic work

Draft copyright 2017, Thomas Coad


The Human Niche

Editing services provided: Copy editing

Sociopolitical essays, academic work

Copyright 2016, Thomas Coad

How to Make Money from Rural Land Property

Editing services provided: Copy editing/Line editing

Instructional manual

Copyright 2016, Nicholas Maslaney

Available here

Editing services provided: Copy editing/Line editing

Portfolio content and linked web pages

Updated May 2016, October 2016, June 2017

Tristrategy Inc.: Global Management & Consulting and Tech Blog

Editing services provided: Copy editing/Line editing

Articles on science, tech, global management strategy

Copyrights 2012-2015

Supervisor A. Green

UX Research Project

Editing services provided: Copy editing

Confidential research documents for mobile software application

Copyright 2015

Coordinator J. Agbro

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