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Writing and illustration prompts for fuzzy brains and fuzzy days

It's hard to stay creative on fuzzy days, even when doing or making something will make you feel a little more sane. That's why I love prompts! I use them to inspire a story concept, start the text of a story, or try to build a scene around them.

If you're feeling a little fuzzy, here are a few prompts to help get ya scribbling again, either at words or at images.

Just keep scribbling. xo

Scribble prompt: Waking up with extra arms

Writing prompts


Tina moved carefully down the stairs to stand in front of the tall, overdressed man.

“I see you brought it,” she said, gesturing toward the small red bird chirping nervously in the cage.

He nodded.

“Well then, open the cage already.”


MEOOOWRRR the thing hissed, it’s teeth filling the space between them.

Rian felt the wall come up quick behind him as he backed away.

There would never be a worse time to do what he was about to do.


- an empty street

- wet grass

- the sound of a garbage truck

- August


- all the windows are shuttered

- the sink faucet is stuck

- the fridge is filled with Thai leftovers and small vials of pink liquid

Illustration & Sketchbook Prompts


A creature meant to survive in the deepest caves and tunnels of Inner Earth


Sketch of a man who has just learned he can see through walls


A precarious mountain of apples


A house surrounded by a dense and mysterious forest

Want to share some of your scribble results? I'd love to see them. Send 'em!

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